Michigan Button Society

Antique and Vintage Button Collector's Society
Founded May 1940

Upcoming Events

Spring Show

Button Expo 2

You are invited to the Button Expo June 15, 2019, in Middlebury, Indiana.  Come experience the fascination of buttons and learn about antique, vintage, and modern clothing buttons.  Fun, family, friendly activities are sure to be an experience you will remember.  Click Here.

Fall Show

The Michigan Button Society invites all button collectors and interested public to our fall convention, "A Vaudeville Button Show".  Please join us for fun, entertainment, and learning  at the Crowne Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI, October 4-6, 2019. Information to come.  Click Here

About Us​​

Michigan Buttons

The Michigan Button Society was formed May 21, 1940, in Detroit at the annual Detroit Hobby Show.  Michigan holds the recognition for being the first state to form a button society. 
Today we continue to be an active society with members from all over the state and from many surrounding states.  Each year, at the spring and fall state conventions, antique, vintage, and modern buttons are on display.   The fall convention boasts a competition among button collectors.   
This Pewabic button made during the 1940s by the Pewabic Pottery Company of Detroit is a fine example of buttons made, probably as part of the war effort.  Written by long time former MBS member, Mytle Moore, "The Pewabic Pottery Company was founded in 1908 by Mary Chase Perry, who later became Mrs. William Stratton.

Mrs. Stratton named the pottery works after the Pewabic Indians who lived near her birth-place, Hancock in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Pewabic means clay with copper color.

In 1907, Mrs. Stratton built a factory on East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, and has continued in this location. Pewabic pottery is noted for its very fine glaze.  Tile, mosaics, and may pieces of pottery are made at the works."
This is an example of a Burwood button made by the Burwood Products Company in Traverse City. In a letter dated, October 1943,  to a former Michigan button collector, Minnie Dawson, Mr. E. Johonson of the Burwood Products Co. explains this processed wood as written. "Burwood is a cold plastic, developed about 25 years ago, which would be 1918.  The plastic consists of wood pulp, wood flour, robin oil, a coloring matter and lithopone.  They mixed the mass thoroughly in large mixers under pressure in metal production molds.  When the pressure is released you have a piece of Burwood (unfinished).  It is then baked for a number of hours, and then finished as a piece of furniture." 
Our constitution states, the "object of this society shall be to study the hobby of collecting, classifying and mounting garment buttons for educational purposes and personal enjoyment; to issue publications and hold exhibits, to bring to the public the art, history and beauty of buttons; and to preserve for future generations all that is best in the hobby.”
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