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We are glad you have found us in your search to learn more about buttons and button collecting. Our state society is active and vibrant with members all across Michigan. We have the largest and one of the most active groups of junior button collectors in the United States. Our adult collectors consist of folks devoted to the hobby of collecting buttons, quilters, crafters, historians and others. Our hobby brings people together socially at local meetings, state shows and national events.

The Michigan Button Society regularly hosts two button shows a year, one in the Spring, our larger show in the Fall. At the fall show, visitors can view thousands of buttons on display on competition trays. The spring & fall shows offer the opportunity to meet and learn from other collectors and knowledgeable dealers. Both shows provide a venue to purchase beautiful buttons. Details for the shows, including competition categories, can be found at the "Shows" and "Documents" link on this site.

We are glad that you located our website and hope you visit again. Better still, we hope you join us at a local button club in our state to learn first-hand about the amazing world of buttons. Michigan button club information is located on this website as is contact information for our state officers and a link for membership. You can also find links offered here to other state and world websites that are focused on buttons, to help guide you in exploring this fascinating hobby.

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