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Benjamin J. Lang Studio Buttons

Ben Lang began making plastic buttons in 1964 using the art of decoupage, a polychrome image, placing it on an opaque plastic base and covering it with a clear plastic in the same manner as a glass paperweight is made. A key shank was embedded in cement on the back of many of his earlier designs. Later, an epoxy adhesive would be used making for a neater attachment. Subject designs used included animals, plant life, birds, geometric designs, religious themes, adults, children, funny paper pictures and small realistic bugs. Sometimes he added glitter to decorate the buttons.

Most of his buttons are marked “Ben L” and dated on the back. Later, he began to experiment with pen and ink tracings of sketches made by Kate Greenaway, Kewpie Dolls, and Sunbonnet Babies. Some figures were tinted in pastel colors. Lang made the log cabin sketch buttons for the Log Cabin Group 1 club in 1968. Information provided by Viola Van Dorin and is summarized from the Buttons Made in Michigan booklet copyright 1996.

Button Details