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Burwood Description

The Burwood Company was founded to make molded ornamental buttons for clothing and carvings for furniture from a wood fiber composition. Another company, The Syrocco Company, in Syracuse, NY was in competition with them and it is impossible to identify today which buttons were made where because of many of the molded designs were the same. According to Sid DeAngeles, former Michigan Collector, and collector of Burwood, the Syrocco Co. used a silver finish on some of their buttons, antique white, and also several other others. She feels most of the buttons with color were probably made by the Syrocco Co. All of the original sew-thru buttons have an indentation for the threads and only a few shank buttons were made. A mixture of wood pulp, wood flour, rosin oil, lithopane and coloring matter was mixed thoroughly in large mixers generating heat. Temperature control was important as the mixture was forced under tremendous pressure into metal production molds. For several hours the molded items were baked to make them very hard.

Button Details