2023 Fall Auction Preview

MBS 2023

Fall Auction Preview

Lot 1

Picture frame decorated with buttons. Made for a 3.5” x 5” photo.

Lot 2

Necklace with button. A turned, wood “frame” in which a button can be mounted and worn as a necklace. Included is a chain and an MBS 75th anniversary commemorative Battersea button made of pewter. The button has a the Battersea male face shank and has painted decorative finish. NBS large.

Lot 3

Card of 25 red, cranberry, ruby, and brown glass buttons. Div I & III.

Lot 4

Japanese Gods of Fortune Set. Bone or Celluloid. Mounted on fabric-lined frame.

Lot 5

Polymer Clay Buttons - Four spiral pattern, polymer clay buttons sold commercially by Rhonda Peters in “Gallery 49” in Reading, Michigan.

Lot 6

Group of 5 ceramic buttons made in Japan. Includes a rectangular Arita and 4 Satsumas. Group of 5 ceramic buttons made in Japan. Includes a rectangular Arita and 4 Satsumas. The four Satsuma buttons together represent love, joy, hope, and freedom (butterflies), strength, courage, and magic (dragons), and the historical sacred significance of Mount Fuji and their many temples. The Toshikane porcelain button depicts Benzaiten, the Goddess of Music and Good Fortune.

Lot 7

Card of eight Moonglow buttons with whimsical, hand-colored mounting. Button features include back mark, colored rhinestones, paint, imitation metal bound, striped, shaved, and a sew-thru.

Lot 8

“Big Top” verbal button by Janet White is made of enamel. It was the 2022 NBS Convention favor button. Fabric flag is mechanical and an other material embellishment.

Lot 9

Two sets of blazer buttons — Liberty Bell set (10 buttons) and Yale University set (7 buttons).

Lot 10

Candy jar filled with synthetic polymer buttons — vintage to modern.

Lot 11

Card of 6 retired, Laurel Burch buttons mounted on a card with a Laurel Burch fabric “frame”. Grouping includes a turtle with a baby turtle on its back, a butterfly, a lizard, a flower, and a gecko. Metal (aluminum?) with paint decorative finish, these are all sew-thru with at least one having a back mark.

Lot 12

Dark brown cinnabar button with floral motif. NBS Medium.

Lot 13

Seven Gods of Good Fortune made of Arita porcelain from Japan. Back marked. Included is a hexagon frame and matt board made specifically for displaying buttons. Frame measures approximately 6” diameter.

Lot 14

Carved and pierced Bethlehem Pearl button depicting a cross PLUS men’s necktie decorated with buttons of various ages/materials.

Lot 15

Charmstring assembled by the West Michigan Buttoneers contains a variety of materials. Frame (included) measures 17” x 21”.

Lot 16

Buttons in a white frame. Included in this lot is at least one pewter button, white glass buttons, an elephant on a square button, a 4-pt star, and a 5-pt star. Ten buttons total.

Lot 17

Small frame with map and three buttons featuring South American heads wearing hats.

Lot 18

Papier-mache tiger circa early 2000s on original card. Hand-painted, made by a Russian artisan. NBS medium.

Lot 19

Lap or sofa quilt made with vintage fabrics. Measures approximately 45” x 59”.

Lot 20

Jasperware United States Presidents. Complete set. The series ended with Bill Clinton. Studio made.

Lot 21

Antique & Collectible Buttons: Identification & Values by Debra J. Wisniewski. Great book for beginner collectors written by a Michigan collector. Out of print.

Lot 22

Small quilt with buttons attached. Measures approximately 25” square.

Lot 23

Harrison Reform campaign button from 1840. It has a barrel on a four-legged stand and smoke coming out of the cabin’s chimney. 2-piece with border. “R & W. Robinson” and eagle back mark, measures 21 mm. (Description from Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons - Bicentennial Edition, by Alphaeus S. Albert.)

Lot 24

Fabric buttons (3 cards) with profiles of USA presidents heads and post stamps of America’s presidents. Includes 5 jasperware presidential buttons and three of a third material. There are 43 buttons in this lot.

Lot 25

Harrison campaign button from 1840. Log cabin with door in right side; 2-piece with border. Pole with flag at right. “Extra/Rich” back mark; tip; measures 20 mm. (Description from Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons - Bicentennial Edition, by Alphaeus S.

Lot 26

Sterling Silver version of the 2015 MBS 75th anniversary button created by Battersea. Face shank and back mark. NBS large.