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Included on this page are the forms needed for competition as well as directions for completing them. All society members are eligible to compete and entry fees are minimal. Browse the posted awards and follow the Basics of Competition below to compete. Attending a local club meeting and connecting with a mentor is a good way to improve competition skills.

  1. This form is to be filled out prior to “check-in” time.
  2. Leave the Entrant No. area blank as the Chair of Entries will assign a number at the time of “check-in”.
  3. Use one line for each award entered. List them in ascending order according to the award number. The award number is found on the corresponding Awards List found on the website or in the MBS bulletin.
  4. Fill in the Award Number, the Division, the Section/Class, and the Size as stated in the Award.
  5. Fill in the Description space. Abbreviation of the description is perfectly acceptable to fit in the given area.
  6. Fill in the Total # of Entries space.
  7. Complete the three questions by answering yes or no. These questions ask you about posting your name and entrant number, whether MBS is allowed to photograph your buttons and post in the bulletin or on the website. Please indicate the name of the person to pick up your trays if you will not be able to.
  8. Complete the remaining portion of the form agreeing to hold harmless MBS for any damage that may occur.
  9. Leave blank. Checked In, Checked Out, and Checked Out Trays Received By.
  1. Please Print. Fill tray slip out prior to “Check – In” time and attached to the upper right-hand corner of the competition tray using masking tape.
  2. One tray slip is needed for each competition tray entered. Print as many as you need.
  3. At the top of the slip, leave blank the space for Open, C/M (counted/measured), Number of Entries, and Entrant Number.
  4. Fill in Award Number, Division, Section/Class, Size, and Description.
  5. Leave the remaining portion of the slip blank.

Basics of Competition

Competition is a good way to learn and enjoy your buttons. A good study of the “Blue Book” is very important when competing. Before assembling your tray, read the award very carefully. Take note of the number and size of buttons. Pay particularly close attention to the requirements specified. Keep in mind, that if an award says “Specialized to”, a competitor should include only buttons which fulfill the requirement. Connect with someone in your local club who can provided assistance to assembling a tray for competition.

All competition trays, whether completed for an award or as a theme tray must be 9 x 12 inches in size and be able to be hung vertically. For more information regarding competition, review the National Button Society Blue Book for Official Classification and Competition Guidelines. This may be obtained by becoming a member of the National Button Society.

Competition is completely anonymous, so remember competitor names may not appear on any card of buttons, frame or plastic competition case. Having a name visible will result in disqualification. The Tray Entry Form is the only form in which the competitor records his/her name. Tray Slips are affixed to the top right-hand corner of your tray. It is identified by an entrant number.


Joy - Asst. Materials Specialized to Triangles

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Judy - Nouns A - Z

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Christy - Burwood

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Susan - Combined Materials

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Helen - 3 Amigos

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Cathy - Moon Glows

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